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Adoption Update

In our last update on the adoption at the end of October we had received the final approval on our home study.  Since then our home study and other documents needed for our dossier were certified and authenticated, sent to our Adoption Agency and then sent to the CCCWA (China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption).  This process is called the DTC or documents to China, which leads to your LID, logged in date which then you wait for your LOA, letter of acceptance. In the middle of November we s aw on our agency's website the picture and profile of a baby boy that will soon be our youngest son.   When we first requested to review our boys file we weren't really ready to accept a file. We made the inquiry but didn't hear back from our agency for a week.  I didn't want to push it.  When the agency emailed me back she said it would be best to talk on the phone.  I called and she told me the file was a prefile and that they weren't sure how long it would be

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